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Time to upgrade to a smart fishing boat

Wavewalk-fishing-kayaks-logo-160Wavewalk’s new W700 Series is unique in more than one sense, and likely to fit your requirements for versatility and high performance –

A two-person, ultralight, trailer-free fishing boat that one angler can easily paddle and car-top

The Wavewalk™ 700 works perfectly with a powerful outboard motor, and since it’s super stable and just 31″ wide, it can be paddled in shallow water and in water with abundant vegetation, where motors are no longer effective. The W700 works equally well as a kayak (with dual-blade paddles) and canoe (with single-blade paddles). This unrivaled capability offers a single fisherman or a crew of two anglers to launch their W700 practically anywhere, drive and paddle anywhere, including choppy water, fish comfortably from a spacious cockpit, fish standing up, and beach anywhere.

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If you already own a big boat or a yacht, the W700 would serve you well as a tender:



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A super stable kayak for 1-2 full size anglers

As a fishing kayak, the W700 offers two full-size fishermen to paddle, fish and motorize anywhere they want, including shallow water and choppy water, as well as launch anywhere they deem fit, without depending on boat ramps.
The W700 weighs just 80 lbs without a motor and accessories, so a single fisherman would find it easy to car-top and transport it – no kayak rack needed.  It’s the most comfortable and convenient solution for big, tall and heavy guys, since it is super stable and back pain free.